Wimbledon: the most important sporting event in London

Wimbledon: the most important sporting event in London
por Irene González
2 de julio de 20one8
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Wimbledon is one of the most important tennis competitions in the world.It is also, together with the Royal Ascot and Las Regatas, one of the most important social events of the summer calendar in the United Kingdom.In addition to being able to see the best players in the world, such as the Spanish Rafael Nadal the Swiss Roger Federer, the event has also become a mandatory stop beyond sports and a plan worth pointing in our agendas.There are several curiosities and anecdotes that do not escape us.

one.Dress Code

In any event that includes high society, you always haveDress Code, that you do not forget.And Wimbledon has it.And besides, there is outside and on track.We are not going to enter the requirements about the clothing for those on the off track, because this code is reserved for a very select group.Only those people belonging to the organizing entity –all-England Club- or all those who occupy a seat in the Royal Box (noble and invited celebrities) are part of this group.

On track, the clothes that must be wearing have two fundamental requirements.It has to be sports and white clothes.Neither broken, nor pearl, nor raw, only white.This color standard was decided in the nineteenth century, because in addition to being the color of the aristocracy, sweat is best hidden in white clothes.So far it seems easy, right?Maybe it is not so much when we tell you that everything that the court steps has to be white.Underwear, shoes, caps ... and this regulation also remains in training.How much, a stripe on neck and maximum sleeves of a centimeter wide is allowed.

2.Collect balls

250 are the lucky ones who manage to pass the selection process to be pick up balls from the most anticipated sporting event of the year.And being ballboy or ballgirl is a position that has a lot of weight.These teenagers are subjected during the tournament to an almost military discipline.They must maintain a firm posture, and their ability to concentrate must be at the maximum.In addition to a clothing code (they are the only ones that do not go white, but of navy blue), they must carry short or collected hair, give a double knot to the cords of their sneakers, and of course, not chew bubble gum.In Wimbledon they are collected balls are known for a number and not by name.And between point and point they must have the towel in one hand and the balls in another.


Wimbledon: el evento deportivo más importante en Londres

There are 50 tracks in Wimbledon, but during the tournament only one9 are used.And as superstition, there is no number one3.Wimbledon's central track is called Center Court, and the tournament endings are always played there.The grass of the slopes is one00% perennial raigrás, requires exhaustive care and a precise cut of 8 millimeters, neither more nor less.So every day, when the day ends, a gardening team takes care and water for a next day.Although as the tournament days progress, the grass also suffers.And one more curiosity: the first to step on the green of its clues is the current champion.


The official supplier of the tennis balls in the oldest tournament in the world is the British firm Slazonger, and since one902.It has the title of being the oldest ‘partner’ of Grand Slam.At first they were white, but they became yellow as soon as the color television entered the scene.It is estimated that about 50 are used.000 balls in each tournament.Of them, about 50 are lost every day.If any ball is shot, even if it is not well seen, it is normal for not returning to the game because someone is left.And what about the rest of the balls?They are put on sale at the souvenir store.They are sold in three tubes, all marked with the name and year of the tournament.All money raised for its sale is destined for a local non -governmental organization.

5.Strawberries with cream the star dish

If you go to Wimbledon, a tradition is to eat strawberries with cream.Actually, it is almost an obligation.A custom that is believed that King Jorge V introduced.They are not any strawberries.The strawberries that are consumed throughout the tournament are known as Elsanta, cultivated in Kent County farms.Around 28.000 kilos of strawberries are consumed during the tournament, along with about one0.000 kilos of cream.Without forgetting stars drinks in these events.The popular champagne that is present at any social event that boasts.And of course, the Pimm’s cannot be missing, a British fruity drink, very popular in summer and that could resemble (without much success) to the Spanish bleeding.


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