Colombian enclosed 14 years by her family because she had a curse

Colombian enclosed 14 years by her family because she had a curse

Isolated in a dark room, without clothes and almost no food.From the age of 17, her relatives locked her.The Colombian woman was released

Regeneration, December 1, 2021.Radio Cadena Nacional (RCN), from Colombia spread the case of a woman locked in a room in a room.Allegedly the 31 -year -old victim was abandoned since he was 17 years old.

And it is that the RCN radio said the events occurred in Tolima about 200 kilometers from the Colombian capital.

In addition, the finding was made in the rural area of the municipality of Espinal.There was a woman, in complete state of abandonment.

This, in the room of a house on the San Francisco village, in the Chicoral district, RCN reported.


It is also detailed that the discovery was the product of an alert issued by local status, that is, the Public Ministry.

Colombiana encerrada 14 años por su familia porque tenía un maleficio

Therefore officials of the police station moved to the site and found a 31 -year -old woman in the residence.

Same that was isolated locked up, naked and apparently without food.


In addition, RNC reported the statements made by Andrea Jimena Herrera, Administrative Director of Security and Justice of the Espinal, and in charge of the Family Commissioner.

In this regard, the official said that the victim's relatives expressed that he remained locked since he was 17 years old.

This, due to their aggressive behavior, which they relate to a spell or curse.

Los hechos

“When we arrived, they were delayed to open, they didn't even have the keys at hand.She was totally locked and locked, "said the official.

He also explained that the woman was, without any furniture within this room, that had moisture and holes.

-«I had no personal clothes and had no underwear.They told us that since the age of 17 he suffered a curse and that that's why they have it there, ”said Herrera.


Subsequently after being treated on the site, the Colombian woman was transferred to the Municipal Hospital where her health status is evaluated.

Along with this it was said that once the report of its condition is known, the Mayor's Office would take legal actions against their relatives.

Cuerpo deforme

"His body is deformed and has purple in different parts of the body," said the authority.

He even stressed that reports are waiting, "including legal medicine, to advance the criminal complaint against this woman's family".

Then he added that the process at the police station "is for domestic violence and abandonment", he added.

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