How to repair broken jeans and how to know if it's time to change them

How to repair broken jeans and how to know if it's time to change them
Style Tipsno you need to throw some jeans just because they broke a little, but there is a point where you need to replace them.

By Paloma González

Are your jeans broken?(Not because you bought them like this, but because you stuck with something, for wear or because you sat in a rare way and something "exploded") you don't have to throw them away and buy some new ones, there is a way to fix them to make themKeep seeing well and you can keep using your favorite pair for a longer time, until it really is time to buy some new.

Jeans are the most basic and versatile pants that exist and there is no single man who can have a complete closet without a few basic and classic pairs, but even when they are easy to use and combine, finding the perfect pair is not so easy, so, when you do, you also have to do everything possible to keep them in good condition to last longer.

And it is not only for love of your jeans, wearing clothes longer is better for the environment (since creating a single garment consumes water and energy, in addition to producing many waste), so it really is something good for everyone.You can get to the point where jeans are your favorites and your go-to in all those cases where you want to see well effortless, and you can also reduce your carbon footprint to put your grain of sand to protect theplanet and combat climate change.

Cómo reparar unos jeans rotos y cómo saber si es hora de cambiarlos

Another good reason to repair instead of throwing?You save some money that you can use for other things.There is really no negative point, although if you should take into account that there is a time when there is no longer one more repair and that is when you should think about getting rid of your pair of old jeans and going out in search of your replacement.

What is the best way to fix jeans that are broken?

Antes de empezar necesitas algunas cosas:El proceso:

How to know if it's time to change your jeans?

Ya no te quedan

The clothes that do not look good does not make you see well, in addition to that it occupies valuable space in your closet.Do not hold on to those garments that are too large or small, the big ones can be fixed (although to some extent), but the little ones have no solution.

Agujeros en los lugares incorrectos

A hole in the knee can work, but one that exposed your underwear must definitely not be allowed.In addition, if the hole is too large or obvious, it is better to make a change.

Se sienten incómodos

Jeans must be comfortable and easy to wear, and there is no justification that is worth wearing clothes that hurt you, bothers you or bothers you in some way.You can always find a perfect pair that also feels good.

Tiene manchas permanentes

Some spots are not going to be terrible, but others only make your clothes look dirty, careless and of poor quality, so, if you already realized that they are not going to be removed with anything, it is better to say goodbye to that garment(Although you should not throw it away, donate, recycle or look for a way to give it another use).

Huelen terrible

Sometimes this is solved with washing, but it can also be the sign that there is a fungus growing in the fabric, and that is better to eliminate it from your life.

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