Lady Distopia, the tweet of 'magical surrealism' that falls in love with thousands on the network

Lady Distopia, the tweet of 'magical surrealism' that falls in love with thousands on the network

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His first tweet, in October last year, spoke of the "famous tornado" who had ravaged half of Lipsig County in 1873. The same that made his entire population into mannequins, composed exclusively of women.In the photo, in rigorous black and white, you could see the heads of these ladies asking for help after the window.

Lady Distopia opens a window on social networks every day to take air, even if only for a few seconds, and that the breeze takes us away from the daily controversy that is breathed on Twitter.With more than 8,400 followers, she also cultivates Facebook and Instagram, in addition to its own website in which she chains stories without the corset of the crouched characters limit equally, yes, behind her pseudonym.

"For me it is more comfortable and, above all, more natural," explains to El EspañolIt makes Lady dystopia.I don't write at all as her.I don't have that tone or use that type of atmospheres when I write.So I think it makes more sense that my name is not known.Then, in addition, I am incredibly shy and in this way I feel more free to do what I want.I love that nobody sees me. ”

Those of us who have followed her for some time imagined her as some of the protagonists of her dystopia, in black and white, cutting a photo of a magazine on the round table of a small coffee or, perhaps, looking absorbed through aLupa the column of a newspaper.Before arriving on Twitter she had published novels, stories in media and blogs.Now, since March, she also collaborates in the tide carrying her characteristic magical surrealism of her.

"I do not choose, choose the images"

To Lady distorted his fondness for joining photos and words comes as a child.“In my parents' house kitchen the walls were full of posters framed of art exhibitions and wrote stories.I guess she comes from there, because I have continued to do it since then. ”She comments that there are times when her image is what inspires her, but on other occasions, she selects the one that best suits what she has in mind.

Lady Distopía, la tuitera del 'surrealismo mágico' que enamora a miles en la Red

“Sometimes I fall in love with an image and try to solve what happens in it and, others, I look for the photo that can accompany what has come to mind.So varied and distracted me.For me it is a very good mental exercise.How to solve a puzzle, ”she confesses.Instead of a tin box or an old photographs album, she stir on the websites as if they were a kind of market: "I have always liked to collect curious images, so I already have enough experience looking for and finding oddities."

People, they recognize, are fundamental in their dystopia.If they do not appear in the image, "I make them come out when writing the story."Another of her sign of her identity -in addition to a language that evokes the stories of the old documentaries or, perhaps, can also remind us of the voice of the beginning of Amelie -is the nationality of the characters, their own names.“I do not choose it, I choose the images.If a store with a sign in Italian appears in the photo, I do not put the character a name in English or Spanish.They belong to the place that inhabit those images. ”

At the moment, none of his flesh and bone characters (or his descendants) have not yet appeared to present himself before her and tell her her true story that, who knows, could overcome fiction.However, Lady Distopia maintains that she believes "that all my characters are constantly crossed throughout the day."

Literature and reality?

It seems clear that he only writes fiction, but this extreme is not so clear to everyone and that is not easy to deal with.To give only one example:

"I have angered some people who thought I was" manipulating the story "and things like that.In addition, when it happened to me, it has been with absolutely unlikely stories.In this, in particular, a girl accused me of lying and insisted that I was acting with bad faith by adding an image that provided credibility to history when, in that particular image, people appeared walking on the electrical cables that crossedAbove a city.It was quite surreal, ”she recalls.

Far from waiting for such success on Twitter, Lady Distopia has greatly surprised the reception: "It leaves me completely hallucinated, the truth."However, she does not overwhelm because she, she argues, “I don't have any claim of anything but distracting me.But yes, she gives me a little modest sometimes, or shame.I do not always like how the stories look, and they have so much impact, it is ashamed many times. ”

In fact, now, his popularity has grown so much that even other tweeters ask him to put words to his photographs:

Also, from his dystopia, he did not want to give up launching messages committed to feminism and politics, using art as a revulsion and agitator agitator.Sometimes in a subtle way and, sometimes, something more direct:

We ask, at a time when life seems to be measured by chapters and seasons, if we have to prepare for an existential vacuum on Twitter without their magical brushstrokes and their time machines turned into frames.At the moment, he gives us peace of mind: "As long as I continue to do it, I will continue writing."This end does not need to add a word.

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