Woman remained in underwear to wear her dress up

Woman remained in underwear to wear her dress up

Apinedo- 04/01/22

In many parts of the world it is an obligation to carry mask or tapping in closed places, in case of not taking it people are not treated.To avoid this, a woman decided to wear her dress to enter an ice cream shop in Argentina.

According to a note published by TN, the story happened in Godoy Cruz.The woman entered with more people a famous ice cream shop in the Argentine country, but she did not carry covers.Her employees asked her to wear a mask to be attended and given this requirement she decided to wear her dress.

Man renounced as a joke but in human resources they took it seriously

Mujer quedó en ropa interior para usar su vestido como tapabocas

In security cameras, the moment in which the entire dress is removed and covers his mouth and nose was recorded.She didn't mind staying in underwear.“Don't you ask me for the tapping?I am placing it to me, ”the woman replied before the request of one of her employees to retire from the place.

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