Monkey tail, bagpipes and yellow panties: so are the "multicultural" Christmas in the Bisbal house

Monkey tail, bagpipes and yellow panties: so are the "multicultural" Christmas in the Bisbal house

Since the beginning of his career -exactly 20 years ago -David Bisbal (42) has made Almería proud.The singer usually speaks the wonders of his city and even, this December, he has participated in a campaign to promote his brands.However, when it comes to the end of the year parties, local flavors do not always predominate at the Andalusian table.The reason?Rosanna Zanetti (33), David's wife, has managed to "spread" new traditions to her family and this New Year's Eve will live a true multicultural celebration."The truth is that our Christmas are a mixture of everything," the actress told LOC, at a GHD event.

The roots of Rosanna Zanetti are deeply anchored in Venezuela, the country where he was born and raised.However, as a child, her angelic mother instilled in her her own culture - the Chilean - and the model grew between arepas, empanadas and various seasonings.That is why, since she celebrates Christmas with Bisbal, she has tried to teach her the influences of her."Of course, the 24 and 31 we eat Spanish food, but there is also enough of my land. A Pinil or a Hallaca, which we mix with Chilean food. For example, pebre, corn cake and monkey tail, which is a liquorWith brandy, "he said.

Also, Zanetti explains that over time he has learned numerous Spanish carols.Although in his house the Latin rhythms also sound."In my country we listenThe suitcases to the street, because that is going to give you a year with many trips ... Ah! And the underwear there is yellow, I think that is more fun, "he revealed.Even so, Rosanna does take the grapes and watching TV ...

Cola de mono, gaitas y bragas amarillas: así son las Navidades

"At 12 we put the television and, we do have the prepared grapes, we make a circle all, right foot forward and we try not to choking oursHe asked if he would dare to give the bells in a national chain."Uf! It is that there are many powerful people here to do it and I respect it a lot. Besides, it is a live program ... if I did, it would have to be accompanied by someone who knows that it will take care of me, a support, a support, such as Anne Igartiburu or Ana Obregón, "he replied, and then add that he prefers to pass the 31 with his own.

"I like our celebrations. They are cheerful and there are not those typical bronchs that sometimes happen at family parties. In fact, the worst thing that could happen to us is that we are too happy. But that's the idea, right? Because I feelthat this is a time to reconcile, to be happy, so that love reigns, to have good wishes. And for 2022 I hope things continue like this year. The important thing is that in the family there is health, that we are withMany personal projects and also with many work projects. I, for example, I have been able to present my jewelry and baby breeding project. So the balance is quite positive and for next year I do not ask for more, "he concluded.

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