Seven moments when it is not advisable to use ‘thread’

Seven moments when it is not advisable to use ‘thread’

This garment can transmit sensuality, but there are times when doctors recommend not using it because infections can be increased in the intimate area.

However, using them at appropriate times does not represent any danger.

These are some factors for which it is recommended not to use them:

1.If it is not cotton: most ‘threads’ or ‘Brazilian thongs’ make them in synthetic materials and can be harmful to the delicate skin of the vaginal area.

2.When you are going to do sports or when going to the gym: regardless of underwear material, in this case they should not be used from this structure.Sweat could be encapsulated in intimate parts generating fungi.

3.If short skirt is used: the reason why underwear was created was to protect the genitals (female or male) from any external element.With a skirt these are exposed if you do not have adequate underwear.

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4.If recent infections have been presented: because of the way in which these underwear is accommodated, it is preferable that any type of fabric rose the vagina.

According to the doctor Ginecobstetra Álvaro López, using this type of underwear, in some of the cases mentioned, could increase the temperature of the vaginal area, therefore the natural pH, increasing the probability that infections occur.

5.During pregnancy: pregnancy alters the bacteria of the female genital area, so it is recommended to wear underwear of a material that is not invasive.

6.When buffer is used: there would be two invasive elements in the intimate area, increasing the risk of infections.

7.When you have a few hours of shaved: the thongs are usually tightened and touch with the skin, so better to wait at least 12 hours for the pores to close.​

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