The 10 strangest agüeros and rituals for the end of the year

The 10 strangest agüeros and rituals for the end of the year

The New Year in Colombia brings not only the end of a 365 -day period, but a series of events that people perform to invoke the best for the coming year.

Agüeros and rituals become fashionable for this time of year, but they are usually done with particularity on December 31 or January 1, according to the tradition of people.In this regard, remarkable events such as: Eating the twelve grapes at midnight, turn the block with a travel suitcase or fill your pockets with lentils.

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Los 10 agüeros y rituales más extraños para fin de año

However, there are others who enter the strange or striking category.

The 10 most curious agüeros and rituals for the end of the year:

1.Wear yellow underwear on December 31 to invoke wealth.It is said that it is even more effective if underwear is the other way around.

2.Bath with sea salt and king soap.The above, to attract positive energies and free yourself from negative.

3.Give the "happy year" to a man rather than a woman if what he is looking for is to leave singleness.

4.Put potatoes under the beds so that food never misses.

5.Bathing with champagne at 12 pm.It symbolizes that the old year leaves and attracts good luck.

6.Put three bay leaves on a shoe on December 31 and burn them the next day to get a new job.

7.Take the first step of the New Year forward with the right foot to make only good decisions in the next year.

8.Break some old dishes at midnight in prosperity.

9.Sweep inside out at 12 in midnight to move the bad vibes and raise the mood.

10.Place a small red bag in the navel with rice seeds and lentils.

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