This was the return of the space tourists who traveled with Spacex

This was the return of the space tourists who traveled with Spacex

After these three days traveling, the civilians have just landed this Saturday night, arriving at the coast of Florida.To be exact, the landing point was in the Atlantic Ocean, not far from Cabo Cañaveral, from where the four Americans took off the space on Wednesday, arriving at 7:08 p.m. local time.

For the descent, the ship called Dragon, which has already been in orbit before but never with tourists, took advantage of its thermal shield to support the descent, when it was slowed by four huge parachutes since the ship was low enough in the earth's atmosphere.Then, a Spacex ship approached to attend the passengers and take them to the mainland.

Así fue el regreso de los turistas espaciales que viajaron con SpaceX

This event marks the beginning of space tourism, and it will probably be available for all other people, but yes, at a fairly high price, or at least that is expected.In 2022 some trips will begin to space, or at least that has declared others interested in this issue such as the Virgin company and also Blue Origin, by Jeff Bezos.

The entire landing process was recorded in a two -hour video that has the detailed narrative of two experts in the science of space discovery.If you want to know all the details of how this experience was, you can see it for yourself.

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