What is the range of menstrual hygiene products today?

What is the range of menstrual hygiene products today?

Menstrual Hygiene, a term that in recent years has gained relevance thanks to its initiative, which is celebrated every May 28 with the aim of raising awareness among the population about poor menstrual management and thus modify negative perceptions or stigmas around menstruation.

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Thanks to the spread of this topic, which at times has become a taboo for different sectors of the population, products have emerged that guarantee being able to lead "a normal life" during the menstrual period.

These products have evolved and have been modernized in response to the demand and needs of girls, young people and women of the 21st century, but do you know the offer that exists on these products?

Sanitary napkins

What is the product range of menstrual hygiene today?

The basic and best-known product for "those special days". Sanitary pads are narrow pieces of absorbent material that are attached to undergarments. Some have “wings” that fold over both sides of the undergarment to protect it from leaking or staining.

Most of these products are disposable, that is, they are used once and then thrown away, however, another type made of cloth has now emerged.

Their price varies depending on the quantity purchased, they are generally sold in packages with 10 units that range from 23 pesos to packages containing 30 pieces at 70 pesos.

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