Running with or without socks?

Running with or without socks?

(26-6-2019). The heat arrives and we feel like getting rid of all non-essential clothes. But what about the feet? We analyze the advantages and disadvantages of running with and without socks.Running with or without socks? Running with or without socks?

In good weather and heat, we must wear thinner socks and, above all, those that expel moisture from sweat to prevent our feet from suffering from sores and blisters.

Some runners take a more direct route and decide to put their shoes on directly without socks. This can cause some dangers or problems, since these stockings fulfill an essential function, and this is to protect the good condition of our feet. The intention of this article is to see the pros and cons of one option or another. For this, we have had the wisdom of the sports podiatrist specialized in biomechanics Albert Casas.

h4>Why should I run in socks?

Runners are increasingly paying attention to the type of footwear they run with. And, luckily, "they do not hesitate to be advised to select the correct shoe for their type of tread and the type of training or competition they want". But, "the choice of socks with which we are going to run is no less important, since it is the only element in contact between our feet and these shoes chosen with so much care and care", explains the owner of Clinik Podología (clinic podiatry located in the Catalan town of Terrassa). You don't have to "buy the most expensive sock on the market, but you do need to pay attention to it, with materials like cool max that expel moisture -they should never be made of cotton but nylon or lycra- and, above all, that also protect our feet in sensitive areas such as the toe or heel, as well as having an anatomical shape suitable for our legs, with a perfect fit that minimizes wrinkles”. The price of a good quality technical sock can be around 15 euros, a very low price if we compare it with the expense that we will have allocated to our sports shoes. Having argued all this, we now turn to the opposite side.

Why should I run without socks?

Running with or without socks?

Once the strengths and weaknesses of each option are known, the final decision is up to you. Of course, the sports podiatrist recommends that "if we choose to run without socks, what we must do is parallel work to harden our feet, since we are not prepared for it." In this sense, we should make a gradual transition "if we want to avoid the presence of blisters and chafing and, in the worst case, any injury." One option is to start walking barefoot on the beach and, little by little, gradually adapt our soles, "until they are hard enough to run without socks and in direct contact with our trainers," concludes the expert.

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    Very good considerations about the use of technical socks when doing sports such as cycling or running! Many people tend to pay attention to the rest of the garments, leaving aside these accessories that are so important for their benefits, such as maintaining a balance of humidity, perspiration, comfort, resistance... We believe that they are essential.

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