Simone Biles thanks Taylor Swift for his support during the games

Simone Biles thanks Taylor Swift for his support during the games

Simone Biles has thanked singer Taylor Swift her support during Tokyo Olympic Games, in which the gymnast decided to retire from several tests due to mental health problems.

At that time, Taylor Swift made public a video in which he assured that "what do we want from our heroes? What do we expect from them? What do we need of them? What happens when we are surprised? When you have the attention of the world, everythingWhat you do acquires a greater meaning.It can be a great load or can become an opportunity to change everything ".

In this sense, the singer then stressed that "throughout the last week, her voice has been as important as her talent.His honesty is as beautiful as the perfection he had long had his own signature.She is perfectly human, and that is what makes it so simple to call her heroine ".

Simone Biles agradece a Taylor Swift su apoyo durante los Juegos

Now Biles appreciates that support through another video posted by the Gracie -of the Alliance for Women in Media Foundation -whose virtual gala will be held on Tuesday and in which Biles will deliver to Swift of an award: "I can't explainHow much I love Taylor and his music, "says Biles."But 'folklore' is not the only incredible thing he has done during this pandemic.He has shown immense generosity with many of his followers, including me.During the 2020 Olympic Games he approached and dedicated something so special to me that I will never forget ".

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