Marc Márquez suffers an infection in the humerus that could force him to go through the operating room again

Marc Márquez suffers an infection in the humerus that could force him to go through the operating room again

The problems as a result of Marc Márquez's operation on his right arm do not end. When the doctors underwent his third operation, just a few days ago, they discovered that he has an infection in the injured area, which is what has prevented the union of the bones. He has had to spend a few days under observation in the hospital.

Márquez is already receiving antibiotic treatment so that callus is generated in the injured area and the bones can begin to join in the fractured area. But in the event that this treatment does not bear fruit either, Márquez's future could be doomed to a fourth operation on his arm.

Márquez acknowledges that it was a mistake to go to Jerez and blames the doctors

"Marc Márquez's postoperative clinical situation has been considered satisfactory by his medical team at the Ruber Internacional Hospital in Madrid. However, the cultures obtained during the pseudarthrosis surgery have confirmed that there was a previous infection in the fracture", he says the official statement from Repsol Honda.

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The Japanese brand went on to explain that "Márquez will undergo specific antibiotic treatment in the coming weeks. Márquez will remain at the Ruber Internacional Hospital in Madrid." The 2021 season is also at risk for Márquez, even more so if there is finally a fourth operation on his arm.

Marc Márquez suffers from a humerus infection that could force him to undergo surgery again

The risk that exists in the event that the infection is not cured would be that Márquez develops a new pseudarthrosis that continues preventing bone union, ruining the work of the surgeons in the operation a few days ago. In that case, Márquez would be forced to the fourth intervention in half a year.

Márquez himself recently acknowledged in an interview what was an open secret: that he made a mistake going for a run in Jerez. "The return was hasty. The license plate broke at home by opening a sliding door going out to the garden, but it did not break there, it broke from all the stress that was created in Jerez. That was a mistake," Márquez told DAZN.

If the best predictions about his new recovery come true, Márquez will have to face another six months off, which would make him miss not only the preseason but also the first races of the 2021 World Cup. a new step through the operating room.

"The first thing I asked is when I could get back on the bike, and that is where the doctor has to know how to stop and be realistic. I went to Jerez with the peace of mind that the plate was holding and that everything was fine because That's how they told me. If they tell me that the license plate can be broken, I won't get on the motorcycle," concludes Márquez.

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