Álex Royo, another belligerent Lgtbi athlete against homophobia

Álex Royo, another belligerent Lgtbi athlete against homophobia

El exjugador del equipo de waterpolo del CNTerrassa Víctor Gutiérrez, desde hace un mes secretario de políticas LGTBI del PSOE, sentó un precedente cuando la pasada temporada denunció públicamente los insultos homófobos de un rival en un partido de Liga. El agresor, el serbio Nemanja Ubovic, fue sancionado por la Federación Española de Natación. A Gutiérrez le asistía su madurez, 30 años, de jugador internacional y conocido activista LGTBI.Álex Royo, otro deportista LGTBI beligerante contra la homofobia Álex Royo, otro deportista LGTBI beligerante contra la homofobia

Last Saturday another waterpolist, Alex Royo, a 19 -year -old, Molins de Rei de First Division player, denounced this type of behavior in full match."Maricón," Horta Roger Brias snapped.Royo affected him and claimed the referees and the officers of the timing table to intervene, without result.That led him to spread his version hours later on social networks.

"The first time Maricón tells me, I ask him what have you said? So that at least he realized what he had done, but far from apologizing, he points to me. I take him with him and a partner takes me out of the pool"Victor tells the incident "If my reaction had not been the party, the game would have followed its normal course and everything would have been there," he says.

The author of the insults apologized at the end of the party."He told me to forgive if I had sat badly. But if I did not react like this, he does not apologize, and another game will come and he will do it again. I think he did so that the matter was not more,"Opina Alex, formed as a player in the CN Catalunya, and that he declares himself bisexual."It is indifferent that he knew my sexual orientation or not, because he uses the word fag as an insult, and remains a homophobic aggression, even if I was heterosexual.These insults, because if I do I become complicit in what is happening, "he says.

The majority of the players of the match between the Horta and the Molins de Rei did not realize what happened.Only some heard the insult and left in defense of Álex.At the end of the game he commented between the rest of the team."Everyone has given me their support, the club, the president, the coach," appreciates the player.

Álex Royo, otro deportista LGTBI beligerante contra la homofobia

It contrasts with the inhibition of the referees and the officers of the table, who disregarded the incident with the excuse that they had not heard the insult.They even warned him with expelling him if he insisted on his complaint.As a consequence, the Spanish Federation began the Competition Committee to act ex officio in this case, as happened with that of Víctor Gutiérrez, a precedent that no one in the national water polo does not know."They know what happened to Victor, and both tell us that it cannot be reflected in the minutes. It seems very serious to happen again. I felt alone," the player laments.

Álex's public complaint of what happened to him received the support of some, for his courage, and was criticized by others, under the axiom that what happens on the pitch should not transcend from there."We all have warming in a match that we are going to 200 pulsations," assumes the player, "but these insults that affect a vulnerable group cannot be tolerated, we must eradicate it. Those who use them have to see the seriousness of the matter and makeAn empathy exercise with the people who suffer from it. "

If the informative file that the RFEN competition committee must open confirms the story of the facts made by Royo, it is likely that its rival will be sanctioned, perhaps to a lesser extent than with the four games and the economic fine that fell on Ubovic,since in this case there has been apology.But Alex believes that the manifestations of homophobia in sport will not be eradicated exclusively based on disciplinary sanctions.

"This goes far beyond sport. Teaching study and these macho, homophobic or racist behaviors must be re -educated at school, work the values of equality, because then you arrive an age that is already late. Within the iceberg of the aggressions, callMaricón someone is just the tip, "he warns."I also had homophobic thoughts, because I am bisexual, and for years I have triedWorld, although it cost me a lot, "he acknowledges.

What happened last Saturday was the first time it happened to him in a meeting.The next one will be played by the Molins of Rei this Saturday at the World Center 86 in Madrid, before La Latina, and Álex believes that "many people will have their eyes on me", but they feel supported by the support received from his companions, familyand couple."I do not know how I will face the next game, but I am quite proud to have denounced it, because I have put voice to many people who have not taken that step. I encourage everyone to tell it because it is the way to gradually eradicate homophobia in thesport".

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