If you want to have a healthy penis, try to maintain your hygiene

If you want to have a healthy penis, try to maintain your hygiene

Maintaining our clean crop is an efficient way to ensure good health.For this reason, it is not only convenient that we reinforce the care practices we know, but also go one step further to know if there is any step that we have been jumping.For this opportunity, the tips we have found focus on men and how they can correctly maintain the hygiene of their penis.

For this, we have the statements that the surgeon, dermatologist and oncologist, Anthony Rossi, gave the Dollar Shave Club portal.With the advice and opinions of this Memorial expert Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, it has been easier to create an idea of what should be done to hygienize the crotch properly - and also what could be the consequences of not doing so -.

What should be done to keep the penis clean and healthy?

One of the first tips that Rossi gives is that the hygiene ritual must try to reach each penile skin fold.For this reason, it is important that during each clean.This action must also be emulated by those who have a circumcision, only that they must focus on cleaning the skin folds that see around the penis.

Basically, Rossi's advice to maintain a clean and healthy penis includes using plentyproblems can develop.

Why is it important to maintain good penis hygiene?

Si quieres tener un pene sano, procura mantener su higiene

As Rossi advanced it, having good hygiene of the groin area can help avoid having to deal with penis infections.For example, the inguinal royor, scientifically known as Tinea Cruris and defined by the Mayo Clinic as a “fungal infection that causes a red and itching rash in the warm and humid areas of the body”, is particularly common in the area of the area of thecrotch.

This becomes more common in athletes, who constantly sweat or in obese people, who usually have difficulty cleaning tissue folds.However, the inguinal ringworm may appear in anyone who does not practice proper hygiene in their penis - why it is not exclusive to the newly mentioned groups -.

Rossi also commented that another pair of common situations that men could avoid with better hygiene are phimosis and balanitis.The first, according to Healthline, is "a condition in which the foreskin cannot be retracted (withdraw) from around the tip of the penis".

For its part, Balanitis "is an inflammation of the glans, or the head, of the penis, due to an infection or other cause," according to Medical News Today.In both cases, the condition can lead to a tightening of the skin and cause pain in the groin area.

What if an infection has already appeared?

In any of the aforementioned cases, the safest option is to visit a dermatologist.For cases such as inguinal dyeing, it may only be necessary.

On the other hand, for phimosis and balanitis the dermatologist's decision will depend largely on how serious the condition is.For the first, if the hardening is mild, just a slight effort to retract the skin around the penis during the shower or when it goes to the bathroom can help the skin gradually yield.

Similarly, balanitis - if not very serious - can gradually be maximizing hygiene measures and using some topical cream such as emulating - which are designed for softening tissues -.Now, if any of the two cases is particularly strong or very advanced, it is most likely that the dermatologist has to design a more drastic treatment - one that could include circumcision surgery -.

In summary, if you want to avoid problems (and even a possible visit to the operating room) the best thing you can do is take care of your penis's health from now by trying to keep your hygiene in the best possible way.

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