Sara Blakely or how to make you a multimillionaire selling belts

Sara Blakely or how to make you a multimillionaire selling belts

"I never thought that being tired of marking my panties would become a multimillionaire," Sara Blakely usually answers when they ask him how the idea of mounting Spanx occurred to him, a company that Forbes values in 1.000 million dollars.

Sara, without more, as she likes to call her, is the founder and only owner of Spanx, a means of socks and molding underwear (lifelong belts).With 41 years he has become the youngest millionaire on the Forbes list (he is in position 1.153 of 1.226) By its own means.Without inheritance or influential husbands like other women on the list.

Sara, who now rubsHe had been accepted to enter the Law School where he was supposedly predestined to become a lawyer, like his father.Previously, Sara, a blonde with a little cheesy appearance and a 'profidén' smile, had graduated in communication at the University of Florida State.Lost and disappointed, she worked a few months in Disneyworld, organizing the queues of the attractions, to finally end up as a faxes, a job that did not excite her, but that taught her everything she should know to become a great saleswoman.In 1999, he began to be around the idea of inventing stockings and underwear that molded the figure and were comfortable.In Florida, his native condition, heat and humidity turned a nightmare put a girdle under the dress.In addition, no matter how much he toured the underwear sections of the department stores, he never found a girdle that had a sexy touch.That was when he began reading books about patents and inventory development.In a few months, during his holiday week, he was visiting underwear and stockings manufacturers.Most gave him the door in the noses.But one of them, encouraged by his two daughters, who believed that the invention was very good, offered to make the idea come true.

Those who know her are not unusual for Sara to sudden.He is accustomed to showing his intimate garments.After all, it is what he has been doing for the past ten years.Spanx is a company that has barely invested in advertising.All his success is due to mouth and the insistence of Sara, calling a door per door, and explaining "the wonders of her products".For years, Sara was the live model of the girdles, not only convincing customers that clothes are better if you carry Spanx, but educating the vendors of the department stores so that they could answer any questions of the buyers."My goal was for everyone.

Sara Blakely o cómo hacerte multimillonaria vendiendo fajas

Sara Blakely with one of her girdles collections.


The new billionaire always had a good eye for business.From a young man, he looked for ways to make profitability to everything.In Halloween, when she was a girl, she decorated her parents' property as a house of terror and charged the neighbors.But it was when Spanx was only a few months old and did not even have the website when the idea that would change the course of his business came up: let the Oprah Winfrey stylist, Andre Walker, a package with the girdles, a package with the girdles.Oprah, who had been fighting against his overweight for years, not only loved the belts but decided to invite Sara to the program to present them to her spectators.Later, celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Jessica Alba or Kim Kardashian confessed that they did not dare to step on the red carpet if they did not wear a spanx girdle.The business was unstoppable.In a few months, Spanx billed his first million dollars.With an initial investment of $ 5000 (3.793 euros) Sarah had turned his company into a highly profitable business.

The new multimillionaire status caught Sarah a little by surprise.In 2008, she decided to marry her boyfriend Jesse Itzler, a former rapper and successful businessman.Days before the wedding he felt that he had not been sincere at all with his partner about his fortune and revealed that he was marrying one of the richest women in the world.As Itzler explained to Forbes magazine, during a dinner days before the wedding he told him the truth about the zeros of his bank account.“I think you don't know how successful Spanx is, well, it's me.We are not talking about one million or two, ”he said.Sarah released the figure and Itzer did not succeed to cry.

The couple, who seems taken from a GAP advertise.Cooks in their five houses distributed by the United States, personal trainers, trips to Paris Fashion Week, drivers ... Now Sara, like any billionaire with two fingers, is fundamentally dedicated to its foundation, which helps women and girls with problems.It also gives motivating talks to unemployed women to encourage them to assemble their own businesses."Earning money and spending it is fun, but it is also donating it," he told Forbes.This is the woman who converted 'five of the greats' into a billion.

Sara Blakely with her husband.


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