Travel bag to put all the clothes you need for your vacation

Travel bag to put all the clothes you need for your vacation

A travel bag can be very useful when carrying your baggage by plane, by plane or in your own car.It is a type of compact, light and versatile suitcase that, in many cases, can even be folded or roll up to occupy less space.It offers a great storage capacity and has pockets and compartments to allow you to better organize your clothing and your personal hygiene and hygiene..You can even use it as a sports bag when you are not on vacation!

This Amazonbasics luggagebolso is a good example.It has been made of canvas and polyester, is totally waterproof and has a very modern and elegant design.That, together with its good value for money and the magnificent valuations granted by its users, has led us to choose it as the best travel bag of this comparison.Following closely, yes, Poresta de Samssonite, which stands out for its great resistance and for its external tissues that perfectly mimic the aesthetics of natural skin.Two good alternatives, but there are many others that you must know before choosing.

The best, our choice: Amazonbasics travel canvas bag

The best canvas travel bag of the Amazonbasics brand for Amazon users.Looks 4.6 out of 5 and 62 % of 5 -star valuations."It's light, rolled and very practical.His shoes compartment comes to me phenomenal since I usually travel a lot for work and I need an elegant footwear to attend meetings and another more comfortable for day to day, ”Juan tells us about her.It is double layer (canvas and polyester) to allow modern and elegant design and excellent moisture resistance.It has two transport straps to wear it hanging from the shoulders or as a bandolera and with a handles with wheels with wheels.It is available in four different colors.

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Second option: Travel bag with Amazonbasics wheels

The second best unisex travel bag of the Amazonbasics brand according to the opinions of Amazon customers, which give it 4.6 out of 5 and 76 % of maximum scores.It has a car with wheels to transport it comfortably and can be purchased in 7 colors and in 3 different sizes.It has been made in very resistant braided polyester and has several compartments and zip pockets "ideal to carry small objects in an organized way and to save space in the main compartment", as Rafa indicates.Inside there are mooring straps to ensure that clothing does not move during the march.

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Alternative: Newhey folding travel bag

Now we go with Newhey brand's best travel bag.Its buyers at Amazon give it a 4.6 out of 5 and 73 % of 5 -star reviews.It is available in two sizes (40 and 65 liters) and is totally waterproof.For example, Alejandra says that "I have had to carry it down the street raining to pitchers and clothing has not been wet", to which "folds very easily and quickly and barely occupies space.In it fit for approximately 4-5 days ".Its zippers are metal and their seams have been reinforced for greater durability.Empty only weighs 750 grams and also has shoes compartment.

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Samsonite travel bag

Based on the assessments of Amazon customers, which grant 4.5 out of 5 and 76 % of 5 -star comments, we are facing the best travel bag of the Samsonite brand.It is polyester coated with polyurethane to guarantee impermeability.In addition, as Elena points out, "her aesthetics perfectly simulates the appearance of natural skin.A casual travel bag that is also very comfortable to carry thanks to its ergonomic handles ”.It can be bought in yellow, white, black, gray and blue and with capacity for 47 or 84 liters.

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Pepe Jeans travel bag

It is the turn of the best travel bag of the Pepe Jeans brand for consumers on Amazon.Its average note is 4.6 out of 5 and reaches 75 % 5 -star analysis.It has been made of cotton and has synthetic leather details that make it more elegant and sophisticated.The inner layer is padded to protect the valuable garments and objects.It also has "many pockets and compartments for small objects" (Adela).Specifically, it has one inside and two zip front, as well as two other side slots.You can get crossed as a bandit or in your hand and your handles are totally adjustable.

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American Tourister travel bag

Here we are facing that, according to Amazon customers, it is the best travel bag of the American Tourister brand.Reaches 4.7 out of 5 and 84 % of 5 -star comments.It has a capacity of 27 liters and dimensions of 39.5 x 22.5 x 30 cm.Its closures are zipper and inside there are cross ribbons to secure clothing.Andrés has surprised "his good value for money" since "it shows that he is very resistant to the naked eye".

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Movom travel bag

We continue with the best women's travel bag Movom.Users who have bought it at Amazon grant 4.7 out of 5 and 79 % of 5 -star scores thanks, as Verónica clarifies, “to its elegant and colorful design, to its versatility and the possibility of carrying it comfortably on the shoulder, in the hand or crusade ".This is possible thanks to its adjustable strap and its upper handles.It has zip closures and side pockets for small accessories.

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Eastpak travel bag

We end that, based on the comments of Amazon users, it is the best travel bag of the Eastpak brand.It has a 4.6 out of 5 medium rating and 77 % of maximum assessments.Your straps are removable and can be hung by the shoulder or hand.It has been made of flexible and resistant polyester and has a large main compartment with small objects for small objects.As Roberto says, “it's perfect for traveling by plane, car or train.It occupies very little space and is easy to transport and clean ".Can be purchased in 5 different colors.

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How to choose a travel bag and take into account before buying one?

To buy the best travel bag for you you must previously consider the following purchase aspects:

  1. Sistema de sujeción y transporte. Una bolsa de viaje clásica puede llevarse cruzada a modo de bandolera, en los hombros como si fuese una mochila o en la mano. Sin embargo, las que incluyen carro con ruedas son una buena alternativa. Permiten arrastrarlas por el suelo de forma muy cómoda y segura sin importar lo que peses.
  2. Materiales de confección. El nylon y el PVC ofrecen una excelente resistencia a la humedad. Además, son tejidos muy flexibles y elásticos. La lona y el algodón son tejidos que transpiran mejor y que admiten diseños más modernos.
  3. Diseño. Depende de tus gustos. Puede ser moderno, clásico, casual, etc.
  4. Capacidad. Fíjate en el número de litros que indica el fabricante en la ficha técnica del producto. Elige una bolsa de viaje grande, mediana o pequeña en función de la cantidad de equipaje que suelas necesitar transportar.
  5. Número de bolsillos. Cuantos más, mejor. Estos compartimentos favorecen un mayor orden y permiten llevar de forma más cómoda pequeños objetos.
  6. Seguridad. Las mejores bolsas de viaje antirrobo incluyen cierres de cremallera que pueden bloquearse mediante candados.
  7. Precios de las bolsas de viaje. Por entre 30 € y 100 € es posible comprar una de la máxima calidad.
  8. Mejores marcas de bolsas de viaje. Samsonite, Napapijiri, Newhey, Eastpak, AmazonBasics... La variedad de marcas excelentemente valoradas por los usuarios es muy alta.

What is a travel bag?

A travel bag is a container to store and transport luggage comfortably and orderly.Its design is halfway between a backpack and a suitcase.In fact, it is bigger than the first but smaller than the second, which makes it ideal for short stays.In addition, its structure is never rigid, but soft, and is usually made of textile materials such as canvas or similar.It can also include wheels as a car.

Types of travel bags

We can differentiate the following types of travel bags:

  1. Bolsa de viaje con ruedas. La más cómoda de llevar. Incorpora un carro con ruedas y con un asa telescópica que permite arrastrarla por el suelo fácilmente, aunque también incluye asas para llevarla en la mano o en los hombros. Es el tipo de bolso de viaje más grande.
  2. Bolsa de viaje ajustable. El tipo clásico. Puede llevarse a modo de mochila, de bolso de mano o de bandolera si la correa se coloca cruzada. Posee un tamaño inferior a la anterior y carece de carro, pero es ideal para viajes de fin de semana.
  3. Bolsa de viaje plegable. Su peculiaridad es que, cuando no se usa y está vacía, puede replegarse sobre sí misma para almacenarla cómodamente y sin ocupar apenas espacio. Una variante muy interesante sería la bolsa de viaje enrollable.
  4. Bolsa de viaje térmica. Ha sido confeccionada en tejidos que mantienen la temperatura interior para proteger los objetos almacenados del calor y del frío. También suelen ser impermeables.
  5. Bolsa de viaje para ordenador. En su interior dispone de un compartimento específicamente diseñado para transportar un portátil o, en algunos casos, una tablet. El dispositivo se fija mediante correas para que no se mueva ni un centímetro durante el transporte.

What travel bag offers me greater comfort?

Without a doubt, travel bags with wheels.These are the reasons:

If I go on an excursion, what should I carry in my bag?

If you just bought a waterproof travel bag to go on an excursion to nature, this is what you should always carry inside:

How to take advantage of the space of a travel bag?

It doesn't matter if you have a small or large travel bag.To get the most out of the available space, follow these tips:

- Role clothes.Instead of folding it.This will not only allow you to save space, but also prevent it from wrinkling.The most delicate garments must be at the top.

- Place the belts on the edges.Nor do the enrolls.Thus they occupy less site.

- Put the hygiene products in small pockets and compartments.Preferably, within travel containers, at most, 100 ml.

- Use shower caps for shoes.They occupy much less space than specific covers and bags for footwear.

- Wearing the most bulky.Coats, boots, sweaters...

- Nothing 'just in case'.Plan your trip by creating clothing sets for every day and do not carry garments that you may not use.

What are travel bags made?

It depends on the model.Generally, the best travel bags are made in any of the following fabrics:

- Canvas travel bags.They are the most beautiful in aesthetic terms.The canvas is a very light fabric that perspires perfectly, although it is not excessively resistant to moisture.That is why some incorporate a second waterproof layer.

- Nylon leather travel bags.Here we talk about very resistant, versatile and flexible luggage transport utensils.Ideal to wear large amounts of clothing.

- Microfiber travel bags.A cheaper alternative than the previous ones.This synthetic fabric is available in many colors and designs and is quite resistant.However, moisture also absorbs much and does not protect too much from low temperatures.

- PVC travel bags.Its main advantage is that it is totally waterproof.In fact, it is the most used in travel bags with thermal insulation and waterproof.

- Cotton travel bags.An option similar to canvas.Cotton is a natural, fresh and breathable fabric, but little resistant to moisture and cold.

Are the pockets an important element in a travel bag?

No important, indispensable.A travel bag with pockets will allow you to organize all your belongings much better.In fact, they are designed to store small and medium objects and garments that usually occupy a lot of space in the main compartment.We talk, for example, of shampoos, body gels and makeup products, as well as underwear and socks.

A travel bag for a computer?

Of course.Without a doubt, it is the best travel bag for you if you usually move frequently for jobs or studies.

In addition to taking care of your clothes during the trip, your laptop also needs protection

Specifically, these are travel bags that have a specific compartment inside to safely transport a laptop or laptop.This is firmly subject by belts.In addition, this pocket is padded to prevent the device from suffering blows and scratches.

A variant is the travel bag for electronic tablet or tablet.The main difference is that the pocket has smaller dimensions since this type of electronic devices are smaller.

What are the best valued brands for the quality of your travel bags?

After analyzing hundreds of opinions in travel bags written by users, we have realized that the best valued brands of the market are:

  1. Samsonite. Un auténtico referente en cuanto a maletas y bolsas de viaje. Sus principales modelos ofrecen un nivel de calidad difícil de igualar y poseen diseños enfocados a la elegancia y a la funcionalidad a partes iguales.
  2. Newhey. La opción preferida de quienes buscan una bolsa de viaje expandible, plegable o enrollable de estilo informal. Sus diseños son muy modernos y versátiles.
  3. Napapijiri. Esta marca noruega se ha hecho un hueco gracias a los excelentes diseños y a la gran calidad de sus bolsas de viaje cruzadas. Estas ofrecen un excelente aislamiento térmico y una fabulosa resistencia a la humedad gracias a la aplicación de novedosas tecnologías.
  4. Eastpak. Una buena alternativa a la hora de encontrar ofertas en bolsas de viaje con correa. Confecciona elementos de transporte de equipaje muy resistentes y duraderos caracterizados por un diseño sencillo y moderno.
  5. AmazonBasics. ¿Buscas una bolsa de viaje barata y de buena calidad? Pues esta marca te brinda la posibilidad de conseguirla fácilmente. Cuenta con una gran variedad de modelos en diferentes tamaños y colores. Algunas de ellas, incluso, provistas de carro con ruedas.

What are the most recommended bags?

It depends on what you're looking for.In this comparison of travel bags we have seen models capable of satisfying the demands of all types of users:

  1. Mejor bolsa de viaje con ruedas. Este modelo de AmazonBasics cuenta con un práctico carro para facilitar su desplazamiento y está disponible en tres tamaños diferentes. Su diseño es moderno y muy bonito.
  2. Mejor bolsa de viaje plegable. Esta Newhey, una vez que está vacía, se puede plegar sin arrugarse para así ocupar muy poco espacio.
  3. Mejor bolsa de viaje de mano. Una alternativa de Samsonite muy interesante. Es un dispositivo compacto, exclusivo y muy duradero gracias a sus materiales de primera calidad.

What online store can you find the best trip bags?

When finding the travel bag with better value for money, you must also look at the trade in which you look for it.These are the most interesting options:

  1. Amazon. La mejor si no te importa comprar tu bolsa de viaje online. Cuenta con un catálogo muy amplio y variado en el que tienen presencia las principales marcas y otras no tan conocidas pero también muy interesantes. Además, si eres suscriptor de Amazon Prime, disfrutarás de envíos en 24 horas y de unas condiciones de devolución y garantía excelentes.
  2. El Corte Inglés. Una buena alternativa si quieres ver y tocar las mejores bolsas de viaje del mercado antes de comprar la tuya. Trabaja solo con las marcas más prestigiosas y ofrece un magnífico servicio de asesoramiento.
Mochilas de hombre con las que triunfar en verano con mucho estilo

Use all this information, as well as the advice and recommendations that we have given you, to choose the best travel bag according to your needs.Taking all the luggage you need during your next vacation will be much more comfortable than you imagine.

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